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This book is an absolute must read if your inner child loves to read. And if you have children, this is an awesome read for them as well. It helps connect you with the kid residing within you.

Rajalakshmi Prithviraj

Amazon Review - 5-stars

This is a delightful story about unexpected friendships, and dealing with the problems of growing up in your teen years. Some of the conflicts include jealousy, dealing with negative parents, and fighting and being mean to some of your friends. All with the backdrop of creating the school play, Pocahontas. Being into theatre myself this was a fun book for me to read.

K. Hook - 6th Grader

Amazon Review - 5-stars

Bumbling Bea is a wonderful example of what is like to be a middle school student trying to figure just who you really are and how the world really works. Baldwin does an excellent job sharing Bears inner turmoil, thoughts, emotions, and her all to blame alter ego, Bumbling Bea. As a theater lover and teacher myself I loved this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who works with children, has children, is a child at heart, or who enjoys the stage!

Robert McCotter

Amazon Review - 5-stars

Because Bumbling Bea encompasses what we all feel at times, this allowed for wonderfully productive conversations about growing up, not always being first, and how to recover when we have made poor choices. This is a keeper in our library and will certainly read again!

Susan Henshaw

Amazon Review - 5-stars

This is a great book for those who know theatre and those who don't! A book any of us can relate to and recall our own tumultuous journey through middle school or junior high.


Amazon Review - 5-stars

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