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David Hurst, Editor-in-Chief, New York Arts Review

"A force of nature who can accomplish a mind-boggling number of complicated tasks in the blink of an eye, Deb Baldwin - one of the original multi-taskers -  is a rarity even in the worlds of theatre, education and literature.  I've known her, worked with her, learned from her and been in awe of her for more than forty years, and in all that time her work ethic, keen intuition and high professional standards have never wavered.  But being a perfectionist (and I use that word in its most positive connotation), how could they?  Whether essaying lead roles in musicals at Stephens College, guiding junior high school kids through their first scene studies, or harnessing  the disparate energies and talents of a local, community theatre group, Deb's Focus, Goals and Approach remain the same.  The 'Focus' is always 'the work,' usually the work-at-hand which could include re-blocking a scene that isn't working, adjusting lights that aren't focusing, painting sets that aren't textured, and sewing costumes we didn't even know we needed.  Her 'Goal' is always the same: "make it better"!  Is the scene working now?  Does it make sense?  Does it further the characters and the story?  And if it doesn't, why?  Ask questions - formulate answers - solve the problem!  Whether she's performing, directing or writing, Deb's ultimate goal is to create something that moves her audience - something that makes them feel - something that takes them outside of themselves.  As for her approach, well that's easy.  Just ask anyone who has worked with her: "...roll up your sleeves and get to work!"  Grab a paintbrush or a hammer or a needle or a pencil, because if you're not part of the solution - you're part of the problem and Deb simply doesn't have time for that.  And why should she?  Deb's got work to do!"

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